Dionna Pridgeon

Dionna PridGeon
Dionna PridGeon
Dionna PridGeon
Dionna PridGeon
Dionna PridGeon
Dionna PridGeon
Dionna PridGeon

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Dionna PridGeon is an independent artist and entrepenuer, originally from Chicago, IL. She currently resides in New York City, where she is Creator Director of moveDIPR.

Dionna has performed numerous works in both concert and commercial dance, working with many dance icons and celebrity commercial choreographers. She is a graduate from Point Park University and for many years she has established herself as a gifted master teacher in various dance styles. Dionna has re...read more

Class Descriptions


A connection of the mind/body/spirit through a thorough warmup sequence helps to begin the class process. Dionna's warmup is a break from classic and traditional, focusing on breath, length, conditioning, center phrases, and moving from a stationary base. A more therapeutic form of improv is also incorporated to help dancers explore their own voices. Across the floor sequences vary from class to class, not built upon progressions, but focuses on longer phrases - quality and dynamics.

The class will always learn a piece of choreography that holds a more organic, human approach, which allows for subtly and freedom. Movement is solely lead by musical nuisances, which can also challenge detail/quality. Choreography bounces from a Contemporary Modern to a Contemporary Hip-Hop style.


Class begins with a classic form of stretching, isolations, and conditioning. To help dancers with basic elements of style and cleanliness, across the floor sequences have been developed. Students will recognize differences in visual connection from desired initiation. Dionna's style is clean, groovy and detailed, varies from performance to precision. Music is the impetus for style.

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