Brice Mousset

Brice Mousset

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Brice Mousset is an innovative French artist residing in NYC. He’s the founder, Artistic Director and Choreographer of his project base dance company OUI DANSE created in 2013, which was the REVERBdance award winner and audience favorite for its first year and received standing ovations at Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival and Ailey Citigroup Theater in 2014. Mr Mousset received grants from The Edward Sulzberger Foundation and sponsorships from Entrust Partners LLC for his more

Class Descriptions


Created by Brice Mousset OUI DANSE style his provocative style, a fusion of European and American contemporary. Exploring new energies and movements, the students are encouraged to explore the movement with organic and emotional intentions. The class takes the dancers to work with unlimited imagination and pushes the physical boundaries of the body. Approaching the work with risk, athleticism, abandon, breath, weight, focus and intention; the choreography emphasizes a high degree of physicality and input from the dancers, encouraging them to execute the movement with specificity, focus and passion.  
The class is divided in four segments: 
1) warm up to center the body and articulate muscles and skeleton
2) improvisation to develop the artistry and imagination of the dancers but also to discover the infinity possibilities of their bodies.
3) partnering and dance contact
4) learning choreography to develop specificity of movement execution, coordination and memory

Upcoming Classes

Tue · Dec 12
7:30 pm - 9:00 pm

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